Federal Impact Aid Forms Can Impact Schools in Big Way
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
A very important piece of paper was sent home Sept. 20 that could make a positive impact on Madison City Schools.
It's called the federal Impact Aid form that helps qualify our school district with extra federal funding.

Please take a few minutes and fill it out and return it to the schools as soon as possible. (Click here to download and print a form to turn in). One form for each student is needed. Superintendent Robby Parker and a Madison City parent explain the program in this brief video: https://youtu.be/y5YqXn4ejvM

What is Impact Aid?

 It's federal funding paid in lieu of taxes to schools that educate the children of people who work on federal property. Impact Aid helps replace what would be received had those jobs been housed on non-government properties.

This is where you come in. We need to document for the Impact Aid folks where you work, not just for whom. 

Simply working on federal property - NASA, Army, FBI, federal courthouse, TVA, federal housing authority - qualify our school district for this money no matter if it is a military, civil service or private contractor job. The form asks for the employer name and workplace address if a parent works on federal property. Fill it out regardless even if you do not fall under the civilian, uniformed service or foreign military categories.

Leaders from Redstone Arsenal and all three local school districts launched the Impact Aid campaign Sept. 20 at Sparkman High School.
Assistant Superintendent Eric Terrell led the kickoff for Madison City Schools. Here's a video for the districtwide campaign:  https://vimeo.com/234259712/473e05cdd9

Madison City has received more than $3 million from this funding source since becoming a school district. Federal Impact Aid qualifying has also brought in $8 million in federal grants for Madison City Schools since 2010 alone. We're striving for a 100 percent return rate from all 10,700 of our students. Won't you help?

Mr. Terrell at podium with the Army garrison commander and other superintendents beside him