Madison City Bids Farewell to Class of 2017: How Did They Do?
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Thursday, May 25, 2017
There's plenty to cheer about for graduates from Madison City Schools.
The 2017 Class racked up an impressive showing of scholarships and academic performance.
Here's a snapshot for the Madison City School District based on numbers from Bob Jones and James Clemens high schools.
Madison City graduated a total of 850 seniors this past Monday.
A total of 448 (52 percent) received scholarship offers of $50.3 million and accepted $22.37 million.
The average of those scholarships accepted is $36,600 each. A whopping 16 percent earned a 30 or higher on their ACT.
What an incredible return on investment for a school district that ranks 61st out of 135 Alabama school systems in per pupil expenditures.
graduates fro james clemens toss caps and cheer
So where are our graduates heading in this next chapter?
Sixty-five percent, or 551, are bound for a four-year university,
Twenty-four percent (201) are enrolling in a two-year school.
Four percent are going into the military and four percent indicated plans to enter the workforce,
Congratulations Class of 2017!
We can't wait to see how your future unfolds.

Bob Jones graduate on stage receiving diploma